About me…

At a very early age I found my passion in design. After studying fashion design in London, I travelled the world during a successful modelling career. Although fashion has been a big part of my life (I even had my own jewellery line), I found myself absolutely amazed by interior design, leading me to study it and work in this area for many years. Two and a half years ago I came to Mallorca after a long season in London. What I love about Mallorca is the energy. Maybe it’s the mountains, maybe it’s the sea, maybe it’s the people, but it’s just a magical combination. This island gives you the opportunity to get closer to yourself, if you are open to it.

When it comes down to the roots of my passion for becoming a personal fashion stylist, I know first hand that it takes time and knowledge to be able to find our own style. Even if I worked in the fashion industry for many years, I can say that I developed my personal style during the last 10 years. This happened at the time I worked a lot on my personality: the closer you get to your core, the more you can develop your own style.

As a personal fashion stylist I aim to help other people to figure out their own style, based mostly on their personalities. Style is about you, is about who you are and who you want to be. People have to be open to discovering their essence if they want to work with me. I’m not a personal shopper, we define character and build style on that base.

Being authentic, being Self-confident and just rocking life are milestones of my work as a personal fashion stylist. And the results are always the best part. What I enjoy the most about my work is seeing people truly happy after we accomplish the goals we set. It’s just great to make people understand that style is not about copying other people, it’s there, you have it right there, it’s in you.