Working with Sandra was like taking a big step into all the right directions at the same time. Because of our daily obligations with work and family, we often forget to take some time for ourselves. She just took me back to my roots, showing me what I was missing. Since then, she has been my personal fashion stylist and I wouldn’t change her!

Nina, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

I didn’t know what a personal fashion stylist was. I thought about hiring a personal shopper. But then a friend introduced Sandra to me. And all I can say now is that you have to forget about that personal shopper, Sandra is just the best. She showed me that there are no right and wrong colours, she showed me that I actually kind of had it in me and I love her for that.

Maria, Berlin, Germany.

Sandra didn’t only help me in the technical field of finding my style, she just helped me in every other aspect of my life in a way no one ever did before. I am very thankful for that!!! She has the unique ability to connect style with your soul…

Nadine from Hamburg, Germany.